Purchasing of Goods and Services
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Purchasing of Goods and Services

Reducing the price of purchased goods and services is one of the few possible methods to reduce the price of finished goods. However, many small to medium enterprises omit to solve this issue, or simply do not have the capacity to organize processes such as tenders and supplier selection.

We offer you partnership in a procurement alliance where we purchase goods and materials from numbers for numbers of companies. Each member of the alliance receives not only favorable prices, but also payment conditions. This includes payments for mobile telephone calls, office supplies, and even company and personal vehicles.

We also organize tenders, all tailor made to the needs of the client. The client does not pay any fee for this, but instead pays a percentage of the savings created during the first year following the tender.

A bonus of our activities is a logistics audit, which maps all procurement processes a gives recommendations not only how to improve purchasing but also how to manage the logistics of individual processes.