Budget Calculations
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Budget Calculations

Calculating what is the cost price of a product (whether goods or services) belongs to one of the basics of business. At the current time of global crisis, this is doubly important. Unfortunately not all businesses do this correctly, and therefore seeing ahead how the year will turn out is an almost unsolvable question.

By correctly setting the financial accounting we can create a yearly budget where it is clear at all times exactly where the financial results will develop. It is based on a unique combination of reality and plan.

In order to do this we use specialized software that literally allows us to create all types of reports from the accounting data. We undertake budget up-dates on a weekly basis, evaluations are most often on a monthly basis, and the client is informed of the results at regular meetings.

An added bonus is the link between budgets and cash flow. All changes in the budgets are immediately reflected in the cash flow reports, so that it is clear at first glance how changes in the budget will affect cash.