Financial Accounting
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Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is often defined as a source of information for third parties (suppliers, banks, financial authorities, etc), whereas for internal needs of managers and owners it is recommended to use management accounting. In reality accounting is often kept mainly for the requirements of authorities and potential inspections, and offers little information to business people.

TRI services s.r.o. offers small to medium businesses financial accounting that will not only provide information to external users, but also understandable reports to management. By correctly setting the analytical accounts and regular reporting system, it is possible to obtain accurate and timely information that is necessary for making everyday business decisions. Reports provide also the basis for managing cash flow and debt collection.

An important factor for financial accounting is software. Many companies wish for their software to be ad-hoc so that extra work is not required. We use certified SW from MS Dynamics Navison 5.0, and therefore no tricks are needed. We pride ourselves on creating quality reports where no changes are needed. The software communicates with word and excel without problem, and therefore it is no issue to create various tables and reports.

Finally we offer services as auditors and tax advisors. These professions serve mainly to protect to the client and to provide supervision over the accounts.

These services are offered in the form of regular consultancy – personal meetings, where our experts advise either face-to-face or over the telephone how to correctly act or account according to the relevant laws.

Clients of our Slovakian office are provided with accountancy services according to Slovak legislation.