Wage Accounting
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Wage Accounting

In what way do we differentiate ourselves?

In many companies wage accounting is taken for granted, and considered an area where it is impossible to make a mistake. This perhaps applies to companies with regular monthly wages. We are not only capable to calculate full time workers wages, but we are also skilled in accounting for shift operations where we have many years experience.

Our system of wage accounting is not just wage calculations. We also provide registration and cancellation of employees, creating time sheets and other documents, yearly statements, etc., all in electronic form, fast and effectively.

We offer calculation of wages for handicapped employees including creating grant application documents for companies that employ such persons.

It is a matter of course that we represent our clients during inspections from the Health Social Security authorities, where we prove the accuracy of our work.

The goal is to save time for our clients. We download timesheets from the system, or using simple tables, so that you do not need to worry about collecting the data.

Of course, wage accounting is not an issue also for the Slovak Republic! We offer an identical range of services as in the Czech Republic!