Legal Services
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Legal Services

An essential part of any business is to create binding contractual relationships and to solve important legal issues. Our experts, in co-operation with our partner law offices, offer you a full range of complex legal services. We do not claim to be experts in your field of business, but we understand all necessary activities for successfully managing a company. It is merely up to you to select to take our services for individual cases or to use our complex legal solutions tailor-made for your company needs. We offer you the assurance, that from a legal perspective no unpleasant surprises are awaiting your business.

Our portfolio of services in the area of Law:

Business Law

  • Preparation, negotiation of conditions and signing of contracts
  • Preparing general business terms and conditions
  • Representation in the case of unfair and uncompetitive conduct etc.

Corporate Law and Business Registration

  • Registering the business (preparation of Articles of Association and Founders Decree, representing the company in the Registration Courts, etc.)
  • Sale / Purchase of Off-the-shelf companies (PLC, Ltd.)
  • Company amendments (transfer of shares, organizing shareholder meetings, making amendments company articles and decrees, making changes in the company type, raising or lowering the company capital, etc.)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (transfer of shares, assets, due diligence)
  • Registering non-profit organizations
  • Registering international companies in the EU and elsewhere using our network of partner legal practices with local knowledge of the markets

Copyright Law and Protection of Intellectual Property

  • Representing the owners’ rights to intellectual property (protection of rights, legal actions including suing and representing in court hearings against offenders of copyright breach, etc.)
  • Representing clients in relation to the Office of Protection of Intellectual Property (for instance registering trademarks including communication with the authorities during the registration period)
  • Evaluating the registration applicability of the trademark
  • Sorting trademarks to the official lists of products and services in accordance with international laws
  • Representing clients in deferral / unsuccessful cases
  • Processing licences, deferrals and transfer contracts related to trademarks

Employment Law

  • Complex advisory services for employers and employees in the area of Czech and Slovak employment law
  • Representation in employment law disputes
  • Preparation of employment and manager contracts and competition clauses
  • Legal advice for employing foreigners and agency employment
  • Creating work rules and internal directives
  • Termination of employment
  • Recovering damages incurred during performance of work duties
  • Signing of responsibility for handling valuable assets
  • Signing termination documents and immediate dismissal from employment relationships
  • Creation of employment rules

Administration Law

  • Representation in proceedings with financial, tax and excise, land registrar, and other state authorities